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IC Holding, Yenigün & Arkel Construction open the doors to a happy and advantageous life in their all projects.

IC Holding

IC İbrahim Çeçen Yatırım Holding A.S. which was founded in 1969 and which goes on with its business operations under the umbrella of a Holding, mainly carries out its business activities in the sectors as Construction, Energy Production and Distribution, Tourism, Industrial Works, and Infrastructure.

IC Holding has an understanding of management that encourage strategic approach, participation in decision-making, respect towards humans and social responsibility. Always prioritising quality and customer satisfaction in its works, IC Holding does not compromise from this policy and conserves its standards and moves forward with a sustainable development focused strategy.

Maintaining its activities in Turkey with an ever-expanding and developing corporate structure, IC Holding has carried out various projects, especially qualified construction services and medium scale industry group activities, in various regions around the world such as Middle East, Central Asia, Europe and, especially, Russia.

IC İbrahim Çeçen Yatırım Holding A.S.’s approach is to quickly and flexibly use the experiences and facilities obtained in the industries in which we operate and monitor the developments in our country and around the world. A milestone of our understanding of management is to provide added value to the society and economy through social responsibility.

We continue our works under an ever-expanding and developing structure using our experience of over 45 years in the globalising world economy. IC Holding has become a world-known brand with its international partnerships. Moving higher among the global players is one of our main goals.

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Yenigün Construction

Is to take place among the top 10 Turkish international Construction Companies via establishing strategic partnerships in various construction fields and countrie.

To become an everlasting construction company by sharing with stakeholders the happiness, satisfaction and prestige of achievements made by completing construction projects, which conform to its strategies with effective project management and profitability as planned, and sharing with employees the pride and advantages of such achievements.

Arkel Construction

Arkel Construction is construction and property development company, which was founded in 1995. For over 20 years, the company has been developing and building projects of all kinds of superstructures such as residential buildings, villas, hotels, hospitals and commercial buildings in various locations like Turkey, Israel, Iraq, Romania, Cyprus and Uzbekistan. Arkel has the know how and the expertise to complete turn key projects, starting from the frame works up to the tiniest decorative detail of interior designing.”